The Star Valley Park project was kicked off because of the shortfall of park area in Valley Center.

As per California state law (Quimby Act), park area goal is 3 acres per 1000 residents. The San Diego County goal is 10 acres per 1000 residents.

There are approximately 20000 residents in Valley Center, which puts our park acreage goals at:

  • 60 acres (as per the Quimby Act)
  • 200 acres (as per SD County goal)

Valley Center currently falls short on these goals, currently having 42 acres of parks spread across 5 locations, some of which is on land that is currently being leased to VCPRD.

As Valley Center continues to grow, this shortfall will increase.

The time is now to increase park acreage in Valley Center, but doing so in a way that will make Valley Center a more desirable place to live for new and current residents.