Valley Center Parks & Recreation District

Draft Vision for Valley Center Parks

  • Whereas Valley Center (VC) has only 42 acres of active parks to service its population of over 20,000 residents, and…
  • Whereas the SD County General Plan calls for minimum active parkland of 200 acres (10 acres per 1,000 population), and 330 acres at full build-out (33,000 population), and 15 acres of regional parks per 1,000 population, and…
  • Whereas the park and recreation facilities now provided in VC are inadequate to fulfill the community’s needs thus forcing residents to either do without or seek facilities in other communities, and…
  • Whereas the Parkland Dedication Ordinance (PLDO) funds provide for capital improvements, but can not be used for maintenance thus restricting VCPRD from developing new facilities or providing proper maintenance for existing facilities,

Therefore it is the vision of the Valley Center Parks & Recreation District to raise an ongoing source of funds through a Benefits Assessment District to acquire, develop and maintain the currently existing and proposed additional active parks to meet the County’s General Plan goals. 

Proposed additional active park:  it is proposed to acquire, develop and maintain a new 42-acre regional park that incorporates new facilities that will be a benefit to all VC residents living within a 20-minute drive of the new park, and that will have positive benefits for the entire VC community.

Recommended new facilities include the following, to be located at the 42-acre Star Valley Park, between Vesper and VC Roads (note that this list is evolving as we continue to collect your feedback through our survey, so please let us know what you think by clicking here:

Phase 1: on currently owned 15 acres plus additional 27 acres to be acquired

  • Lighted multi-use Sports fields: baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, youth and adult fields
  • A community hall to include:  an evacuation center, child care center, 10 meeting rooms with kitchen, and gymnasium (to include fitness center, training rooms, indoor basketball and volleyball courts, indoor soccer and field hockey, and 4 batting cages,  snack bar, etc.)
  • A splash park
  • An equestrian center with multi-use arena, movable bleachers, lights, rodeo facilities, etc. (could also be used for concerts, field games, concerts, dog park, etc.)
  • Skate park with roller hockey facilities
  • Picnic area
  • Children’s playground
  • Senior Center with meeting rooms, kitchen
  • Stage and amphitheater

Phase 2: as funds become available

  • Sports restaurant
  • Olympic swimming pool , therapy pool
  • Indoor track
  • Park headquarters (existing farm house)